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AI Writing Services: Assisting Or Replacing Human Writers?

AI Writing Services: Assisting or Replacing Human Writers?

People are over the moon about the latest advancements in automation techs and software such as Dall- E, Lumen5, Soundraw, etc. Technological advancements and innovations are bringing many changes in all industries, such as editing, music, finance, learning, marketing, etc. Major industries are slowly adopting automation and are making changes in management, marketing, and finance with smart automation software to streamline their business.

When it comes to content, smart automation tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper, WriteAI, etc., are, without a doubt, great assistance for writers. Thus, these tools alone cannot be considered an option or a choice for any business. So, it’s not like AI Services or robots are replacing human spaces in offices, but how to adapt, make use of these tools, and achieve is the real question that should be considered!

Let’s read in detail about the role of ChatGPT, Jasper, and other AI Writing Services in Content Creation.

Impact of AI Writing Services like ChatGPT and Jasper on the Writing Profession

AI Tools in Content Writing


ChatGPT, or generative pre-trained transformer, is one of the most advanced language models developed by OpenAI, founded by Sam Altman and the tech tycoon and successful entrepreneur Elon Musk. It uses machine language, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to generate answers and responses.

ChaGPT model is pre-trained with datatypes of all kinds over the internet, which comes down to one point “Anything and Everything.” ChatGPT models are running full thrust and are widely used tech for learning, business, customer service, chat-bots, and marketing.


Jasper is an AI-powered robot founded by Dave Rogenmoser and launched in January 2021. it can generate fresh content similar to the Chat GPT model. You just need to type the topic, and boom! Here is your output. It’s that easy. JasperAI has trained with lots and lots of website content, especially marketing, advertising, and social media datasets.

Jasper is beneficial for digital marketing and e-commerce industries for content generation, SEO, marketing strategies, etc. it is so good for digital marketing and e-commerce because, unlike other bots, Jasper AI is more humane and cunning when it comes down to content strategies such as plagiarism, structure, and even keyword prompts.


AI Writing Services: Assisting or Replacing Human Writers?Advantages of AI Writing Tools

Writing Efficiency and Scalability

Speed and accuracy are key elements in content writing. Artificial intelligence solutions and software can generate content far more quickly than human writers. Just create an account in Jasper or ChatGPT and see for yourself. All you have to do is type the topic. You can see the data within seconds! They are capable of delivering quality content in no time, and you no longer have to deal with stress and emotional burnout when you’re in the middle of an article. A human writer has to sit for more than an hour to write an article of 1000 words, whereas, for writing tools, it’s just a matter of seconds! Rapid production and efficiency can boost the scalability of work and business.


Content creators and writers usually get decent pay, and they usually charge based on the quality Quality and time of their work. Experienced content writers may charge $50 – $100 per article. So, you can save time and cost with Artificial Intelligence Services smoothly. Thus, you only have time to proofread and quality check rather than work a whole day. As a result, reducing overhead roughly by 70%. So, it’s cost-effective to subscribe to AI professional softwares for content on a monthly or yearly basis rather than having a bunch of content writers working in-house.

Content Ranking

The whole point of writing content is to rank your website and create more engagements and leads. Moreover, Technical content works best for fresh leads and search engine optimization. There exists plenty of AI tools and software, just as ChatGPT and Jasper. They can create engaging content with respect to keywords and SEO. So, you can significantly improve your marketing strategies with AI writing tools. This software gathers data from many contents posted all over the web. As a result, They can create engaging blogs or website content that matches SEO and business insights to create an impact.

Why do Businesses value human writers over Artificial Intelligence?

AI Independent of Emotions

AI writing tools don’t have emotions or emotions to leave a mark on readers. How accurate or precise the content can be; they just lack the ability to create a friendly atmosphere with potential customers. Content is the voice of your website. Thus, automated writing tools are likely to affect brand identity and dull the market impact of marketing strategies.

Troubles Google SERP Ranking

Google algorithms, optimisation, and ranking strategies change rapidly. So, it’s crucial to be on track with the latest strategies to maintain your website ranking. SEO optimization and content quality are key factors of your e-commerce website.

AI writing tools are pre-trained with the data posted over the internet. So, the chance of copy content is high and can impact ranking as well. Even though they can generate content with no plagiarism, they can be a threat to rapidly evolving google algorithm trends. It’s wise to depend on authentic content. So you don’t have to worry about updates or changes in the Future!


By analyzing the facts, neither AI nor human writing wins the battle. Automated tools simply cannot work and yield on their own. So do human writers; Humans need to study and adapt to the latest trends around them. The launch of AI-powered tools and software is making headlines, and they are an asset for companies in terms of time, money, and space. However, AI writers have the potential to deliver quality content. AI cannot imitate human qualities such as creativity, storytelling, emotions, etc. Blogs and contents are not worth reading if they lack a human touch. Human writers must be competent to blend in with the latest tools and software. Human writers combined with automated tools can work wonders.

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  2. What an intriguing discussion on AI writing services and their impact on human writers! As a curious and enthusiastic reader, I’m motivated to explore AI certification to stay relevant in this evolving landscape.

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