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Coping with delays and defects due to ineffectual logistics services?  Outsourcing logistics services to Allianze GCC can make you stay competitive and also guarantee on-time deliveries and flawless documentation.

Logistics is measured as the foremost aspects of effective supply chain management.  An excellent logistics services always ensure that goods are delivered on time and maintain 100% customer satisfaction. But as an industry this sector faces numerous encounters.

With the immense growth of technology, the logistics industries are processing their shipment connected information rapidly in order to confirm an effective transport and delivery of the shipments.

Besides, dealing with logistics procedures and logistics data entry is a time-consuming and tiresome task.  We at Allianze GCC has the know-how to add remarkable value to your business through simplified logistics processes.  We qualify our logistics outsourcing services to cater to the requirements of each and every client and boost their supply chain. We streamline the difficult task connected with the logistics sector handling the flow of goods, data processing, transaction processing, etc.

Seeking for a logistics BPO and freight payment processing company for the Dubai clients? Hire us.

We carry out the logistics needs of the following:


We have a well-defined and modified LTL (Less than Truckload) freight logistics solutions constructed to increase the productivity of your supply chain, while also providing significant cost discounts.


We provide completely made-to-order supporting logistics keys for the oceans shipping industry, thus assisting you to endure in the competitive market.


We offer comprehensive railway logistics BPO services that encompass business processes completely.


Allianze GCC, air logistics BPO services make certain proficient freight document processing services in order to increase your business competence.

Our Logistics BPO Services contains the following:

Bill of lading generation

Allianze GCC produces Bill of Lading to empower rapid and modernize movement of goods and information for logistics and transportation businesses.

Freight Payment and post-audit

At Allianze GCC, we examine each and every invoice and make certain to modify traffic and discounts.

Freight payment and pre-audit

We assist you in identifying and rectifying the inaccuracies in the billing procedures and takes a short time in clearing off the payments.

Customer relationship management

The team at Allianze GCC focuses on both the inbound (order tracking, credit card processing, sales lead capture, tech support and form processing) and outbound (retention campaigns, product/sales) services at an economical price.

Logistics management automation software

It authorities the involvement of reporting, simplified integration, and a wide storage for all the types of data.

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Infrastructure And Security

Alliance GCC have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure that prevents all kinds of malpractices and suspicious characters from the ground level. Network infrastructure are integrated with certified and highly advanced firewall systems, up-to-date Anti-Virus software, Network Racks, Servers tested with Advanced Penetration and Security Analyses, Dedicated Backup Servers and Auditing procedures. Employees are discouraged and restricted in using any or all electronic devices, adding more preventive measures against cyberattacks. Impenetrable defenses are built around client data by engaging high-end Data Encryption methods for safe file transfers. Employees without proper login credentials will not be permitted to work on client projects or even for normal office routines.

Allianze GCC along with its associated branches are equipped with disaster recovery technology ensuring high-end client project backups and data protection at the highest level, in case of any natural calamity scenarios or incident.

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On a connectivity basis, we have a widespread presence and word around the GCC countries as we offer nearly 70% cost-reduction in your internal operations and high quality in data outputs. We have uncompromising security/data protection protocols ensuring safe file transfers along with strict client privacy/confidentiality measure. Our globally ranked personnel offer the best solutions that always meet stipulated timeframes or at minimal TATs.

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