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Want to Make Administrative Decisions Quickly and Effectively?

Streamlining myriad administrative activities is an integral and inevitable part of every company. If you can reduce the manual effort related to this, you can boost organizational efficiency and support the employees differently. Our robust HRMS software will aid the HR department at your company in making informed decisions by offering insights regarding employees. Furthermore, this can build a pleasant work culture and environment for the employees by empowering them in various ways.

Transform Your Administrative Tasks with Our Trusted HRMS Software

Distinctive Features of Our HRMS Software

HR Calendar

HR Calendar

We offer an HRMS platform that can manage various activities and events in your company. The HR calendar component allows employees to submit leave requests easily, and HR can respond instantly. In short, this component can create a hassle-free experience for HR personnel and employees.

Probe into the various capabilities of this component

  • Generate notifications on holidays, upcoming meetings or events
  • Alerts regarding training sessions
  • Option for managing leaves
Core HR

Recruitment Process

Recruiting the right talents for the correct positions is a significant task in companies. Only if the job roles at your companies are filled by the right persons can you achieve your business requirements. By utilizing the recruitment process component in our HRMS software, you can optimize the recruitment process effortlessly.

Discover the diverse features of HRMS software

  • Scheduling of interviews with the HRMS tool
  • Analyzing candidates’ performance swiftly
Core HR

Core HR

Numerous administrative tasks exist inside a company. With our holistic HRMS platform, you can automate these tasks and improve their completion.

Discover the attributes of this component

  • Attendance Monitoring: Precise and accurate attendance management is necessary for every company. By using this component, you can track the check-in, check-out, breaks, etc, efficiently
  • Employee Document Management: Employees will get access to all the documents on the central platform. Also, this component will allow the administrative team to find the required documents in a snap time
Payroll Management

Payroll Management

Now, you can simplify the critical and time-consuming task of payroll processing with one-click control.
Employee satisfaction is a factor in business success. By adopting our solid payroll management component, you can ensure excellent employee satisfaction. Furthermore, with our HRMS product, the HR at your office can focus on core administrative rather than payroll processing, which will automate most payroll-related tasks efficiently.

Delve into the tasks that can be done by employing this tool

  • The common headache of HRs, the leave salary processing can be completed with top accuracy
  • Salary payment in different currencies can be made possible 
  • Facilitate loans and advances for employees with this tool
  • EMI computations with precision through HRMS software
  • Creation of loan reports
  • Arrears and Retro Salary Calculations

Managing Performance

Our HRMS software will aid you in evaluating the performance of your employees. That is, from the initial phase, the recruitment phase, till the employee leaves the office, you can check their performance and provide real-time feedback. With our software, you can save time and maintain consistency in the evaluation process.

Explore the diverse functionalities provided by the HRMS tool

  • Formulate goals with the assistance of HRMS software
  • Diverse assessment frameworks
  • An extensive analysis of the performance can be conducted using this.
  • Effective solutions for improving productivity can be created in the HRMS platform
  • Thorough monitoring of goal progress with the use of HRMS

Task Maintenance Sheet

How about managing different tasks with just one click? Our HRMS software will aid you in creating, assigning, and testing projects/tasks. This will facilitate collaboration among your in-house employees and help you achieve your business goals more quickly.

Take a closer look at the other attributes of this component

  • Creation of projects: You can develop the required tasks and assign them to the appropriate persons
  • Formulation of Team: You can build a strong team that is composed of members who are suitable for the task
  • Recording daily tasks: At the end of each day, the employees can record the various tasks that they do on this platform
Employee Survey

Employee Survey

Employees are an essential part of every organization. To increase productivity effectively, you have to create a pleasant environment for them. With our HRMS, you can conduct surveys and instantly get employee feedback. Based on these suggestions or comments, you can make necessary changes in your workplace.

Uncover the diverse features of this component

  • Contributes to the betterment of the work environment
  • Study the perspective of employees
  • Aids to change the focus on people instead of the process
Remote Work

Remote Work

Remote work is the new work culture adopted by companies. It allows companies to hire talents from around the world and make them contribute to your company. With our robust HRMS tool, you can adapt this work culture for your organization and ensure maximum productivity.

Examine the range of features that are available through this component

  • Employees can upload the necessary documents through mobile
  • Automated reminders for the milestone dates related to employees like work anniversary, birthday, etc
  • You can supervise the remote work performance of your employees 
  • Team attendance will be accessible in an effortless manner
  • Advanced management of productivity tasks for the employees
Employee Exit Management

Employee Exit Management

There are troubles managing various tasks during an employee’s exit process in your company. Here, we offer an inclusive HRMS tool that can free you from all the issues inherited in employee exit management. We are confident that with our HRMS platform, you can fasten everything related to an employee’s leaving and considerably do everything so that the employee will feel a sense of credibility.

View the multitude of features in this component

  • Issuing of relieving letters
  • Support the tracking of various employee assets
  • Timely alerts regarding outstanding payments or works 
  • Reminders for the employees regarding the unfinished tasks

ALLIANZE GCC- The Top-Notch HRMS Service Provider

Allianze GCC is a leading HRMS software provider with ten more years of experience and expertise in this industry. Our holistic HRMS platform will assist you in managing human resources at your companies more effectively and taking your business to the next level. With the wide range of features integrated into our HRMS, you can control the activities of your employees and build a more comfortable environment for them.

Ready to Simplify HR activities with Cost-effective HRMS Solutions?

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