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Allianze GCC is a renowned outsourcing service provider, with a higher success rate of delivering the quality-focused services to the clients settled in the GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE).

Right from serving our clients with accurate BPO services, uniquely styled content writing solutions, to the user-friendly app, software, or website development, our team has proven their skills and ability since the beginning.

Our varied and customized services have the potential to satisfy our esteemed clients belonging to the different verticals at a low cost.

Oil And Gas

Oil and Gas

The Gulf Cooperation Council, popularly known as the GCC countries, are a storehouse of the oil and gas industry. The energy demand is highly dominated in almost all countries of the GCC. Certain policies as well activities of the GCC Oil and Gas Sector, namely – price volatility, uncertain energy policy, cost containment, worsening fiscal terms and day to day operational challenges has been unfavorable lately. All these will make your back-office tasks lagging proportionally. Here is where Allianze GCC can offer you the best BPO solutions and support for the Oil and Gas sector, they are:

  • Bulk Data Entry/Documentation

  • Document Scanning

  • Company Profile Writing

  • Website Development etc.

Steel And Aluminium

Steel and Aluminium

Steel and Aluminium industry has a really good annual growth rate in the GCC compared to the global average growth rate. GCC Steel and Aluminium industry’s production is a major revenue generator to the total world production. To the world, a major production in the Gulf countries is exported more than its production. The BPO support for this industry is widely considered as well as the documentation is domestic and global with a big reach. Allianze GCC offers leading BPO support and solutions for the Steel and Aluminium industry in the GCC such as:

  • Company Profile Writing

  • Website and Mobile App Development

  • Document Scanning

  • Bulk Data Entry/Documentation etc.



GCC Countries are famous for their healthcare sector, as they offer technologically advanced facilities for people from all over the world. At the same time managing their bac office tasks is time consuming and tedious which can lessen the patient care service quality if done in-house. Allianze GCC offers one of the best outsourcing Healthcare BPO support in for the middle east. They range from:

  • Healthcare Software and Mobile App Services

  • Website Content Development

  • Pharmaceutical Product Description

  • Receipt Data Entry

  • Document Scanning Etc.

E-Commerce Industry

E-Commerce Industry

A highly sought-after industry of the world with the boom of internet services on the rise, making use of the latest technologies under expert personnel guidance and professionalism. We are one of the apt name in providing services for your e-commerce concerns. Our e-commerce services offer you high flexibility and affordability with the best possible quality in the GCC. Our e-commerce services are as follows:

  • Invoice and Receipt Data Entry

  • Online Product Description Writing

  • e-Commerce Mobile App Development

  • e-Commerce Website Development

  • Online Product Review



Being one of the prime industry connected to all of the industrial verticals of the world, this industry is inevitable when it comes to shipping off your goods and other highly valuable resources across regions, states, countries or on a global level. We have major logistics services that are rightly designed for the middle east such as:

  • Logistics Data Entry

  • Logistics Document Scanning

  • Logistics Documentations Services etc.



The travel industry is gaining much prominence with the industry being highly influenced by guidance services. The revenue generated by this industry is huge and expanding as people are getting used to travel all over the world. Quality content will help readers visualize the place which will finally turn them into prospective customers. Our travel services that will definitely attract customers are:

  • Blog Writing

  • Company Profile Writing

  • Mobile App Development

  • Website Development etc.

Information Technology

Information Technology

As with all development of any industry their basic foundation lies in how they utilize services from the IT sector. Right from scratch IT industry services are of high quality, technologically advanced with the expert guidance and support from personnel of high qualifications and industry knowledge. We offer the following services for your firm:

  • Website Design and Development

  • Mobile App Development Services

  • Software Development Services etc.

Gain The Allianze GCC Advantage

All our BPO services are of high quality in the GCC, with cost-effective means. All projects are completed within the time-frame or way ahead of it. We utilize the latest technological advancements and up-to-date software for the same. Allianze GCC’s personnel expertise are of global ranks and they are polished and developed with periodic training sessions. The client data protection measures deployed by us are of globally leading quality where you can be assured of your privacy and confidentiality. Get best and unique services for an edge over your competitors.

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