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Welcome to the official website of Allianze GCC!

Allianze GCC is a recognized BPO firm, focused on offering all back-office related services, at an affordable price. We offer an outstanding set of quality-oriented service to our potential clients and deliver them within the stipulated time.

We indeed welcome you to take a look at our website and you are free to send us any kind of feedback and suggestions. But kindly take a look at the terms and condition and ensure to withstand by these regulations.

The terms and conditions mentioned by us are a form of the legal agreement created by us, to develop an enduring and strong association.  We believe in maintaining a massive amount of privacy and confidentiality of the documents submitted by the clients to us. All the submitted documents and even the display of the content is protected by the Copyright and Trademark Laws.

  • Terms – Every time, you use our website, we believe that you are abiding by the terms and conditions of Allianze In case, if you feel that the terms stated are irrelevant, kindly do not use our website, as we do not want you to end up in a legal trap. You will be restricted from visiting our site, in case, you violate the terms mentioned.
  • Limitations Allianze GCC is not responsible for damage which is completely caused by the negligence of the users and visitors. It is also applicable in situations wherein you have already informed our representative about the damage caused, either in verbal or written form.
  • Disclaimer We would recommend you to use this website at your own risk. You needn’t worry as we will offer the services to you with the same amount of quality, as mentioned on the website. We do not create or develop any warranty or demonstration in regard to the accuracy of the material usage.
    • Modifications – We will make the suitable alterations such as the removal of the material or content, without any prior notice. Sometimes, we make instant changes and hence, we would fail to inform the clients in advance. We regret the inconvenience caused during such times.
  • Major Laws – All the major and minor declaration linked with our website Allianze GCC, is highly controlled by the laws of the State Government of India.
  • Links – Since the start of our website and delivery of services, we haven’t viewed the links of any external website, mentioned on the official site of Allianze We do not encourage the idea of promoting any other link on our website.
  • License power – Just for a single time, we will give you the access to download the information displayed on our official website. But, you won’t have the power to amend the material for public display, destroy any software, or removing any kind of copyright from the material.
  • Revisions – You might find minute typographical errors on our official website of Allianze Kindly ignore such errors and we ensure to rectify them soon and make the necessary corrections.
  • Back up – We offer an excellent storage space and we believe in storing the data and details offered by our clients, within a secured storage system. We offer the backup facility in order to prevent the loss of data in the long run. The clients are also equally responsible for the username and password offered to them and they should safeguard the details. Our backup system will give you an access to the data in unforeseen situations such as any theft or natural calamity.
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