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Ready to take your business online? Our ecommerce experts can help you!

Gone are the days when the limited selection and geographical constraints restrain people from shopping. Consumers today expect a seamless online shopping experience, available 24/7 with a wide range of products at their fingertips. At Allianze GCC, we understand the power of ecommerce and its ability to transform your business. We have been serving businesses from different parts of the globe to attain success online. Our experts help you sell your product online using a scalable and customized ecommerce platform with advanced marketing tools. Our ecommerce platform opens the door to a global audience with unparalleled access, enabling customers to browse, purchase, and engage your products or services from anywhere.

Our Abundant Range of Features


Fully Responsive Design

Having a completely responsive design the site will automatically adjust to the layout of any screen size, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. This facilitates a smooth browsing experience for the users regardless of the device they use. Also contributes to increased online sales.


Multi-Vendor Option

The multi-vendor option in our ecommerce platform enables other vendors to sell their product on your site. This helps you make a wider selection and attract new customers and increase your offers. As a result both you and the vendor benefit equally, vendors get access to a wider audience and you can make an additional revenue.

Multi-Language Option

Multi-Language Option

The multi-language support is essential when you have customers from different parts of the globe. It enables you to translate your whole content including, product descriptions, menus, checkout into multiple languages. This leads to accelerated customer confidence, enhance conversion rates, and unlock new markets to prosper.

Dynamic Homepage

Dynamic Homepage

Our dynamic homepage tailors itself according to each visitor. It displays highlighted new arrivals for a recent browser whereas a returning browser gets recommendations on the basis of their latest purchases. This results in increased conversion rates and interest of the customers. As your content is constantly updated, your homepage remains fresh and engaging, making your visitors return to your site again.

Multi-Currency Option

The multi-currency option in your ecommerce site shows the price and accepts payment in the required currency of the customer. This streamlines a major complexity of international customers who are now able to shop in their preferred currency.

Multi-Shipping Option

The multi-shipping option enables the customers to choose the delivery speed and rates that best match their requirements. As you offer more range of options, you gain a large audience. Thereby you get a hike in sales and revenue generations.

Multi-Payment Options

Our multi-payment option offers customers the flexibility to opt their payment gateways including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. customers can also choose ‘buy now’ or ‘pay later’ services.
Also, this will help in making a better shopping experience for customers and thereby trust and loyalty.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Login and Sharing

The social media login and sharing feature enable customers to sign in using their current social media accounts, avoiding lengthy registration forms. This also helps customers to promote their purchases with friends and followers. It drives traffic and potential sales.

Order Tracking System

Order Tracking System

Our order tracking system enables you to track your purchase journey in real-time. You just have to enter your distinct tracking number to see the real-time location of your package and its estimated delivery date. The transparency and clear communication you deliver results in building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Search With Suggestion

The search with suggestion feature helps you discover your product more easily. When you search your required item a dynamic list appears which suggests relevant products, brands or categories. This feature anticipates your requirements and directs you straight to the product you are looking for.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer valuable insights into the quality and functionality of the product and real-world experiences. This enables the customer to shop with confidence resulting in higher satisfaction and less purchase regret.

CMS Pages

The Content Management System (CMS) on the ecommerce site facilitates updating product descriptions, adding blog posts, and handling promotions effortlessly. It has a user-friendly interface for editing your store’s content, adding new products, changing images, and creating engaging descriptions all without requiring coding skills.

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Explore Our User Dashboards Features

Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

The Seller Dashboard on the site enables you to manage your online business effortlessly. It helps you track the progress and monitor everything including product listing, inventory levels, sales performance and customer feedback. This facilitates in making informed decisions, improving sales, and all this gradually results in increased sales and brand identity in the marketplace.

Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your whole operations. It enables you to develop a back-end user interface where you can plan and control data, analyze trends and keep a record of product statistics. Admin dashboard allows you to administer user accounts, create promotions and consolidate shipping options.

Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

The customer dashboard streamlines the customer’s shopping experience and keeps them updated. It helps them view their order history, track the status of the present order, reorder frequently purchased products effortlessly. This dashboard enables the customers to manage their account details, update payment methods and wishlist the products you want to purchase later. This user friendly and customized experience keeps the customers engaged with the store nurturing brand loyalty and boosting repeat purchases.

Order Management

Order details

Order management is a vital factor in an ecommerce platform. An order is created when a customer finishes the checkout process. It can be viewed by the users under the Admin and Seller roles. The progress of the order can be viewed through the status, which shows whether the payment is completed, order is confirmed, dispatched, shipped or completed. Each order will have a unique order ID through which the customers can track the orders. In certain cases, the customers can cancel their order or request a return from this section.


Change Status for Orders

The order statuses can be sometimes automatic like processing, dispatched or shipped while certain other statuses including ‘out of stock’ and ‘order canceled’, requires manual intervention. Everytime when the status of an order changes, the customers will receive an email updating them on the change. This helps the customers to keep track of their orders and enjoy a smoother shopping experience.

Allianze GCC - Your Go to Partner for Ecommerce Success

At Allianze GCC, we know the significance of an Ecommerce platform in taking modern businesses to success. Our experts empower your businesses with the tools and resources they require to bloom in this dynamic environment. Partnering with Allianze GCC, you are investing in a broadway to uninterrupted growth and prosperity. Leveraging our wide array of features, modest designs and our persistent commitment to excellence, you get the complete potential of your business and endless possibilities.

Touch base with us, and let's begin a journey towards unparalleled success in the world of ecommerce.

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