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Emerging Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

In the past few years, the mobile app development industry has been undergoing constant changes. The constant reshaping of the industry has incorporated the new advancements and technologies that make the mobile app development process to be a great success.

Mobile App Development – A Rapidly Expanding Vertical in the World Economy

The concept of mobile apps has been changing our lives drastically and this has led to the development of varied mobile apps by different business organizations. Precisely, mobile app design and mobile app marketing have turned out to be a vital aspect of every business firm.

The region of GCC isn’t new to the concept of mobile app development. With the rise in mobile apps, there also has been a simultaneous rise in mobile app development outsourcing companies across the region.

Implementing the mobile app development process into your business mainstream won’t generate success. You need to hire an outsourcing company and incorporate the latest mobile app trends and mobile app design to witness the accomplishments.

Emerging mobile app development trends in 2020

Here’s the list of emerging mobile app development trends for 2020!


APM and EMM, known as Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management, respectively, are the significant aspects of the mobile app development process for a firm. APM was integrated into Google during the year of 2016. It was built with a focus on eliminating the hassles that slowed down the speed and performance of the mobile app. APM is well-known for enhancing mobile app performance in the long run. It has emerged to be one of the quality checking testers that occupies a significance in the app testing stage. On the contrary, EMM is recognized as a platform, enabling the various firms to securely facilitate the use of mobile devices, used and managed by employees. It enhances the concept of mobile computing. Both these elements (APM and EMM) comprise of the significant facets such as app security and app maintenance.

AI and ML

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have found a deeper root within the mobile app development industry. Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent machines. These machines work similar to humans and therefore, it can reduce the input of manpower. Presently, AI can be accessible in the shape of chatbots, being an essential element of the mobile app development process. But in 2020, both the AI and ML would go beyond the concepts of chatbots, etc. Numerous globally well-recognized organizations such as Google, Microsoft, etc. are investing a huge sum into advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. It can help you to deal with the process of data integration and data analytics. These technologies will be contributing multiple opportunities for extraordinary innovations in the mobile app industry. And yes, GCC countries aren’t lagging behind to implement these new trends.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a game-changing concept, also in the mobile app development industry. It will emerge as one of the foremost trends in the year 2020. Arenas such as Google Play Store, etc. houses countless applications that are well-integrated with the blockchain technologies. Generally, they include networking solutions, eWallets, tracking apps for digital assets, and so on. Blockchain technology isn’t just limited to cryptocurrency but there’s a lot more that can be done by the blockchain when it comes to mobile app development. The blockchain apps will ensure data protection, transparency, and smoother transactions.

Instant Apps

In 2016, Google bought out ‘instant apps’ that makes the process convenient and hassle-free. Instant apps are referred to as native apps that perform similar to a website and grab the attention of users via unique features and functionalities. These apps can act as a trial for the other apps that can be accessed by users without initiating a download. The instant apps possess various benefits such as website functionalities and enhanced user-experience.

Cloud-Driven Apps

Today, most of the mobile app development companies have started investing the cloud apps for creating the best combination of mobile-cloud app trends. Though there are numerous apps that are being incorporated with modern technologies such as AI or ML, these apps require a good amount of storage space within the internal memory of a device. Generally, the issue of storage can be easily eliminated with the concept of cloud computing. The foremost advantages of  cloud-driven apps include better storage, well-managed business operations, secure hosting, and functioning. 2020 will witness an increase in mobile apps based on the cloud.


The upcoming mobile app development trends can ease the business functioning of an organization in numerous ways. Following these on-going or predicted future trends can help your business to meet the changing needs of the customers and accomplish enhanced market competition.

Allianze GCC is a renowned mobile app development outsourcing company with a team of professional and skilled developers. The professional experts ensure to follow the latest mobile app trends, thereby, helping your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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