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Mobile App Development Trends To Be Watched Out For 2019!

Mobile App Development Trends to be Watched Out for 2019!

In the past few years, the upsurge of mobile apps has been persistently changing the shape of business and individuals. The year 2018 to 2019 has witnessed multiple technological advancements, especially in the area of Android app development services

The Middle East (in particular the GCC zone) is encountering a huge breakthrough in the use of smartphones. According to the studies, there around 75%, 73%, and 60% Android smartphone users from Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia respectively.

Android app development is one of the robust and growing sectors across the globe. Thereon, it has led to the rapid need for outsourcing custom mobile app development services and iOS application development services.

Mobile apps have become an inseparable element of our business and day-to-day life. With the innovative apps coming up and with frequent platform modifications, the business world is embracing new and engaging opportunities. But, before you initiate any sort of app development project, it is of prime importance to understand the existing mobile app trends.

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Here’s a list of the top emerging mobile app development trends of 2019!

  • Wearable app – Wearable technology has been growing significantly. It is stated that the wearable industry will cross over $33 billion by the end of 2019. In the present business environment, most of the healthcare firms are making the vital use of wearable apps. Most of these apps are designed in a way that brings out the accurate heart rate and blood sugar level. We can also witness multiple innovative designed apps on smartwatches. This will help you to maintain constant contact with your phone/tablet, without the need of reaching out to them physically. The competitive environment has led to an increase in the wearable app development process. The wearable devices are opening wider opportunities for app developers. The smartphone can be closely associated with wearable gadgets. The upcoming successful trend would be the integration of an innovative smartphone app with the smartphone.
  • World of AR/VR – The world of AR and VR have accomplished a greater significance. It has been identified by the analysts that in the year 2019, AR and VR won’t be just limited to the gaming applications. AR and VR are going to become the next game-changer in the mobile app development industry. It will enable branding and fetching the right customers through the use of such innovative technologies. AR and VR are finding attractive trends in mobile, marketing, advertising, and healthcare.
  • Smart objects – This concept was coined from ‘Internet of Things’ and is also preferably known as IoT. This technology is well-connected with a wide range of physical objects with sensors, electronics, and systematized software. IoT is a technology which would shift the performance of the mobile application development industries in the best effective way. IoT’s are the software which works well along with the mobile apps.

  • Machine learning – The concept of ‘Machine Learning’ has found greater importance in the world of technology. There has been wide demand for machine learning, especially by the best mobile app development companies, for the successful creation of an innovative app. Machine learning has become an important necessity for developing a business-based mobile app and it has become an inseparable element. As of now, the healthcare and manufacturing industries have instilled the means of machine learning into their functioning.

  • Mobile commerce – There has been a significant increase in the number of smartphone purchasers and several users are getting used to the mCommerce. Platforms such as Google Wallet, etc. have encouraged the purchase payment via mobile apps rather than utilizing the credit and debit cards. To enhance this process, there is an ultimate need for generating a mobile app which can process the business transactions with ease. Wearable apps shape the success of mCommerce and it plays a pivotal role in the future functioning of mobile payments, thereby, maximizing customer loyalty.
  • User experience design – It is important to display the content on your mobile user interface for better knowledge. Most of the top mobile app development companies have discovered contemporary patterns, portraying beautiful designs and engaging interfaces. The mobile applications should be endowed with features, such as content manipulation, reciprocal layers of content, and so on. This generates an AR (Augmented Reality) as it aids the users to communicate with the content (via an in-depth). Implementing a successful user experience design will help you to meet the growing needs of your customer.
  • Chatbots – Chatbots are playing a crucial role in the digital business, especially in the mobile app development services. Today, chatbots take a prominent role within the developed mobile applications. Artificial Intelligence has made the process of chatbot integration within mobile apps easy and simplified, for example, without the need for complicated coding. It has also been proved that chatbots are an effective way to enhance customer relationship management. There goes a prediction that chatbots will be taking over the multiple communication elements associated with the world of mobile app development.

To conclude…

2019 is believed to be the game-changing year of the mobile application development world. Because of the lack of technical expertise, organizations around the globe are approaching the means of outsourcing Android and iOS application development services. This will bring about a notable maximization in the on-demand and wearable applications. We have been witnessing the role of smartphones and mobile apps in the lives of individuals.

But, not all apps serve their purpose and meet the customer-satisfaction level effectively. And therefore, here comes the role of the best mobile app development companies. From rendering custom mobile app development service to Hybrid mobile app development, the outsourcing team will fruitfully serve it all.

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