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Mobile App Development Trends that will Dominate 2021

mobile app development trends to focus

Mobile app development trends focused towards 2021 are rigorously explosive with the advent of modern smartphones. Android and iOS mobile applications are massively deployed for users to do just about anything from ordering food, book movie tickets, carry out banking transactions, on-the-fly music streaming, and more.

The uninterrupted convenience and connectivity of the digital sphere made it surpass its previous capabilities. A key player has always been the adoption of newer technologies which outclassed the limits of development, by tapping into undiscovered potential. These trending technologies has upped the hybrid app development game as well.

The turn of speed in development became more interesting and enterprises of varying industries are gaining rapid success in their new-fangled establishments. The technological trends range from artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, IoT, wearable and instant apps, AR/VR, Cloud power, high quality UX, etc. – some of the most popular ones.

 Let’s familiarise with the leading mobile app development trends focused in 2021.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Mobile applications powered by AI and ML is the new, most widely adopted, hip and happening trend in almost all sectors for its cognitive capabilities.


Blockchain Technology

This technology became more enhanced and refined in the current digital era for its uniform and stringently secure transparency capabilities in maintaining proper ledgers of any kind. This technology trend is most popular among financial, asset management, or investor apps.


On-Demand App Development

On-demand apps are developed for moderator purposes for transactions carried out between different service providers and customers. The trend is on a steady climb due to rising user preferences for apps that offer enhanced services/user experience and convenience.


Chatbot Assistance

Android, iOS, and hybrid apps are now integrated with intelligent, AI-powered chatbots who offer real-time, initial customer support and communication to users. These days chatbot interactions are getting to feel almost human-like without needing any actual human intervention.


Wearable App Development

Developed for integrating and being compatible with the increasing use of smart wearable technologies widely seen among global users for their varying routines. The development trend is becoming even more advanced in offering precise statistical outputs to users.


Instant App Development

These native apps offer a traditional app’s experience to users in a user-friendly, memory-efficient, and convenient way, without having to actually download or install the app. This development trend is being pushed further as per the increasing demand of users for better app experience and quick load times.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR technologies are widely adopted in app development by several sectors for its stunning capabilities in offering users an actual, simulated experience of a business product or service through mobile apps.


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Development

This development curve is aimed at reducing page load times in smartphone apps with augmented performance. This trend is being widely implemented for various digital assets.


m-Wallet Integration

Mobile wallets and payment gateways are highly integrated to various apps that allows users to make online shopping transactions – effortless, secure, and smooth. This development trend has made it to all the new apps in the market with at least three or four payment methods.


Integration of Internet of Things (IoT)

A proven technology which has its signature in almost everything related to the internet – smartphones, smart wearables, etc. and now mobile apps too. A rapidly adopted trend that offers users with a more personalized experience across a wide variety of devices.


Integration of Cloud Storage Platforms

Fast easily deployable, and cost-efficient Cloud storage platforms are still inevitable to smartphone app development, irrespective of an enterprise’s scale. The future of the android, iOS, and hybrid apps are going to be even more powerful, functional, and storage-efficient with exceptional data syncing capabilities across multiple devices.



5G technology will be the new network technology that will be leveraged. It will be wildly fast due to its high radio frequency, and excellent data transmission speeds across global smart devices across the globe for feature-rich apps to gain enhanced performance.


Beacons and Location-based Services

Apps will be integrated with location-based technology, such as beacons emitting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, and Wi-Fis being phenomenally used as location access points in apps.



Shopping apps are developed with the m-Commerce trend for instant and hassle-free transactions using technologies such as NFC, touch ID, face ID, etc. with added user functionalities as well.

 These are the trends used in mobile applications development that will dominate the year of 2021 to ensure users with high-quality user-experience and convenience.

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