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Best Metrics for Software Development in the Upcoming Industry

Best Metrics for Software Development in the Industry

Software development metrics involve the quantitative measuring of software products or projects. It will help the business management to figure out the software performance and efficiency of the software developers. Software measurement is known to be the root constituent of excellent software engineering.

The Diverse Kinds of Metrics in Software Development

    • Though ‘Formal Code Metrics’ involves code complexity, LOC (line of code), etc., it is rarely used in the existing business scenario.
    • The ‘Operational Metrics’ checks the functioning of the software in production and how effectively it is being maintained by the staff.
    • Agile Process Metrics (time, velocity, etc.) measure the momentum of the development team in generating quality-rich features.
    • The Developer Productivity Metrics enables you to study the time and efforts invested by the developers into the software development project.
    • Customer Satisfaction (CES, NPS, etc.) will measure the experience and interactivity of the customers with the software.

Role of Software Metrics

Measuring software quality is an intangible thing. Here’s how metrics define the quality of software development. Among the below-mentioned features and metrics, the ‘performance’ element is easier to measure. The remaining could be a bit challenging and complicated.

The reliability feature can be checked with load testing, on an average failure rate, and mean time between failures.

The security feature can be analyzed with the vulnerability count, update deployment, and intensity of the security issues.

Performance can be verified with stress/soak/load testing, and application performance monitoring.

The code quality feature can be checked with the metrics of code complexity, static code analysis, and LOC.

Top 5 Software Development Metrics

The below-listed software development metrics will render accurate and reliable details regarding the user experience. It includes information such as the count of bugs, the latest software features, new versions, and functionality rate.

The swiftness of Team – Also called team velocity, this metric will measure the story points, the number of product features that were accomplished in the previous record. It will also focus on the highlight given by the developers to the customers within the stated time.

Customer Retention – One of the largely utilized metrics to measure customer satisfaction includes the ‘net Promoter Score’. It consists of numbers ranging from 100 to +100. The ( -100) indicates the lack of customers and the ( +100) portrays the customers that prefer you.

Vanishing Defects – It checks the presence of noted bugs and other issues that were detected, prior to the software production. It is an excellent quality when considered from the viewpoint of the users. But at the same time, if there is a rise in these unidentified defects, it would be considered a poor quality.

True Test Coverage – The true test coverage metric will enable you to understand the amount of your software feature sets that is enclosed by the other test types. The other types of tests include integration, manual tests, user interface automation, etc. Well, this metric can bring out the hidden gap quality.

Releasing Burn Down – This metric will allow you to examine and study about complete release of the software. It will also focus on the progressing state of your software development, is there anything left that needs to be integrated within the software, and the expected release.


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