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Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

Maintaining expansive and up-to-date product data is a monumental undertaking for ecommerce businesses. From titles and descriptions to images, pricing, and specifications – the volume of product information that must be entered, edited, and managed is staggering. Many online sellers find themselves overwhelmed trying to handle all of this critical but tedious data work in-house.

Outsourcing product data entry is an appealing option to help alleviate the burden. Having an outside team handling your product data tasks can save time and resources. But is outsourcing the right solution for your business? In this article, we’ll analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing product data entry. Weighing the pros and cons can provide greater clarity on whether outsourcing makes strategic sense for your operations.


What is Product data entry service?

Product data entry service is the process of collecting and entering product information into a database. Product data entry services are mostly hired by e-commerce businesses, online stores, retailers, wholesalers, and much more.

All products have descriptions, such as product name, weight, height, pricing, etc. This data on products may be helpful for some businesses. Product data entry services gather these product details and save them in the database accurately.

Improve Productivity

Hiring experienced product data entry services can improve productivity to a great extent. Experienced product data entry services help you sort out small and tedious tasks easily. You are getting expert professionals as temporary staff that can carry out your project on time without a fuzz! You get to save time and focus on the core activities of your business, such as customer engagement, marketing strategies, and social media campaigns that are more prior for your business.

24/7 support

Most expert data entry services are open 24/7.reliability is a key factor to running a successful business empire. So, you’ll be getting support and help, whether day or night. A team of committed professionals with help and support 24/7 can keep your project live at all times. You can change or make modifications with respect to the needs and requirements as soon as possible. product data entry services help desks make sure that you’re updated with the pace and status of the project as they are connected to you 24/7.

Accurate data management

Expert product data entry services have competent staff pre-trained with the latest techs and share years of expertise in the field. So, when you outsource your work to data entry providers, it guarantees that even the tiniest percent of errors are reduced and taken care of.  Data entry services providers have decent strength to a minimum of 100+ employees. They can work under pressure without making errors, even in a narrow window of time.

Save on costs

Data entry service outsourcing is a clever option for all kinds of businesses if you’re thinking of scaling up your business. You can save huge costs on many expenses with accurate results. Outsourcing product data entry can save costs on company infrastructure, fixed employee salary, resources, welfare, tax, and much more. Business process outsourcing or BPO companies can carry out complex procedures. So, it is better to hire product data entry services rather than give fixed salaries to in-house employees.

Risks of outsourcing product data entry service

Communication barriers

Smart business outsources their tedious tasks to BPO companies for many reasons. Time zone advantage is one of the main factors why businesses outsource their task to experts in data entry services. Time-zonal changes can often trigger misunderstanding, leading to communication breakdowns and errors.

Language barriers can be a serious threat that can ruin tasks. BPO companies have outstanding team strength, and there can be people coming from different cultures and languages. Thus, a lack of adequate training can end up messing with the quality of the output caused by misinterpretation of requirements, lack of project awareness, and attitude problems.

Security risks

Data breaches and piracy can cause big problems for businesses that can lead to bankruptcy. Outsourcing your work can be risky as you’re sharing in-house data and confidential files with another business. BPOs are generally third-party services because they function independently. Thus, you depend on them temporarily to get the job done! So, it’s important to crosscheck and educate any service before you hire them.

There exist many company certifications and protocols, such as ISO and SOC, for BPO companies, and you have to make sure they comply with legal standards. Confidential data, such as patents, copyrights, prelaunch data of products, etc., have to be shared when you outsource your work. So, Make sure it’s safe from data breaches, piracy, and unauthorized access.

Time frame delays

Project delays can cause serious problems for businesses; missed deadlines put internal tasks and business functions, and milestones on hold. Submitting a project not on time can affect brand reputation and staff morale, just imagine that you have successfully managed 99 clients with quality output on time, a single project delay can ruin your years of hard work and achievements, even loss of a business opportunity. So, project delays can cause some expenses as well; they need additional resources and overtime to extend the deadline of the project ending up in overtime, and you have to pay separately.


In conclusion, product data entry services are a gem for e-commerce businesses, marketing solution providers, wholesale, and retail. By outsourcing, you get to save costs and increase productivity with the latest of technology. However, it’s fundamental to study and consider the potential risks that can affect work and business before shaking hands and assigning work to BPO Companies.

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